In a study commissioned by IATA in 2015, it was found that by 2035, air transport is expected to support over 70 million jobs and nearly $1.3 trillion in GDP, compared to over 33 million jobs and over $700 billion in GDP in 2014.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve unprecedented long term growth in aviation. By 2030 it is estimated that air travel in Asia would be greater than the next two markets North America and Europe combined. Given that aviation is a catalyst for economic growth, this spells good news for the region.

However there is concern that the aviation infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region is not keeping pace with the anticipated traffic growth. The region could lose up to 20% of the expected growth in jobs and GDP if these bottlenecks are not addressed.

Asia Pacific study highlights

In this video, Conrad Clifford, IATA's Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, and James Wiltshire, Head of Policy Analysis, explain why the region needs to get its infrastructure development and aviation policies right.