IATA has identified priority airports in Asia where continued focus is needed to address airport charges and airport development issues. For airport charges, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong are the focus for 2015 to help bring moderation to airline costs. For airport development campaigns, the primary focus this year is on the planned airport development and expansion in Singapore, Sydney, Manila, Incheon, Bangkok, Hong Kong and the new Beijing airport.

These priority airports were identified during the Asia Pacific and North Asia Airports Regional Review Meeting (ARRM) held in January 2015 in Singapore. The meeting also reviewed airport development and airport charges campaigns in Asia Pacific and North Asia and discussed campaign strategies and priorities going forward.

  • In India, the tariff determinations for the second regulatory period is in progress for Delhi Airport and is still pending for Mumbai Airport
  • In Indonesia, the higher costs arising from implementation of Terminal Navigation Charges by the newly formed Air Navigation Services Provider (AirNav) were successfully challenged
  • In Singapore, lower airport charges have been implemented which would help preserve Changi airport’s position as a major aviation hub.

The ARRM is held at least once a year. Airlines operating to Asia are highly encouraged to participate in the meeting so as to shape the agenda, and provide guidance and campaign support on issues at Asian airports.