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With over 450 security experts representing the full spectrum of the aviation industry, this is the security event to attend to expand your networks.

AVSEC World showcases the dynamic security environment and provides a forum to address the challenges that the industry faces. The Conference unites professionals in the security sphere to discuss current issues and actions to be taken to manage risks in the aviation industry today.

"Security is a topic of critical importance. Speed is of essence. For a business, speed is linked to success and ultimately survival. Security is the same. Speed matters. Threats emerge quickly. And they evolve fast"

Alexandre de Juniac, Director General and CEO of IATA

Why attend?

  • Overall satisfaction rate higher than 93% in the past years
  • Exclusive access to industry intelligence and latest developments in aviation security
  • Unique ​business, networking and branding opportunities
  • More than 92% of the AVSEC World attendees of last years would recommend others to attend the conference


"AVSEC World remains the "must attend" event for aviation security professionals. Topical, thought- provoking and relevant, it always delivers!"
Peter Harris, Yankee-Foxtrot, Inc.

"AVSEC World is the premier event to attend for aviation security professionals. In addition to presentations from experts on relevant topics affecting the industry right now, no where else will you experience the networking opportunities as you will at AVSEC World."
Jared Mikoch-Gerke, WestJet Airlines

"Excellent event to understand where the Industry is heading for Aviation Security and Threats associated with it."
Mahmood Khan, United Airlines

Who will you meet?

  • Airline Airport Management
  • Security Personnel
  • Government Agencies
  • International, Regional & National Organizations
  • Police & Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Customs & Immigration Authorities
  • Aviation & Security Consultants
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers of Aviation Security-Related Products and Services

AVSEC World 2019 Highlights


Information on the program will be provided towards the end of 2019.


Information will be provided towards the end of 2019.

Should you have any questions or would like to be informed when the registration opens, please email: avsecworld@iata.org

Sponsorship Opportunities

AVSEC is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and solutions to the aviation community. Find out what kind of privileges we can offer to our sponsors and exhibitors!

Join IATA's Strategic Partnership Program and benefit from discounts on sponsorship and exhibition rates. Get on Board!

Sponsorship/Exhibition Contact:

Mike Huntington
Director Sponsorships & Exhibitions
Tel.: +1-203-563-8170
Mobile: +1-514-240-2844

The AVSEC World 2019 took place in Miami, 26th -28th of February 2019.


Have a look at the photos taken during the AVSEC World 2019.

AVSEC World 2019 Program

Have a look at the AVSEC World 2019 Program (pdf)

RoadMap 2019

Exhibition Floor Plan 2019

Tuesday Presentations

Facilitation Meets Security - Bruno Wong (PDF)

Wednesday Presentations

Keynote Welcome - Gloria Guevara (PDF)

Taken Hostage: Duty of Care and Human Dynamics of Kidnapping - Jose Freig (PDF)

Taken Hostage: Duty of Care and Human Dynamics of Kidnapping - Rachel Briggs (PDF)

Balancing Biometrics, Facilitation and Security - Bart Biggers (PDF)

Balancing Biometrics, Facilitation and Security - Cameron Mann (PDF)

Balancing Biometrics, Facilitation and Security - Wendy Nixon (PDF)

Behavior Detection & Insider Threat - Philip Baum (PDF)

Behavior Detection & Insider Threat - Marie-Caroline Laurent (PDF)

Screening Challenges & Solutions - Onur Zeyrek (PDF)

Screening Challenges & Solutions - Brad Levy (PDF)

Screening Challenges & Solutions - Sarah Merks (PDF)

Regional ICAO GASeP Roadmap Implication for Airlines - Luiz Cavallari (PDF)

Narcotics Reality in Aviation - Sergio Naranjo (PDF)

Future Security Training for Highly Regulated Operators - Victor Chin (PDF)

Future Security Training for Highly Regulated Operators - Bohdan Paszukow (PDF)

In-Flight Security & Safety - Jonathan Jasper & Brian Kinane (PDF)

Open Source Intelligence & Risk Management - Henry Wilkinson (PDF)

Open Source Intelligence & Risk Management - John Cauthen (PDF)

Thursday Presentations

Innovation Workshop - Bruno Faviero (PDF)

Innovation Workshop - Richard Nelson (PDF)

Innovation Workshop - Andrew Wert (PDF)

Innovation Workshop - Wil Ruijsbroek (PDF)

Innovation Workshop - Lewis Griffin (PDF)

Innovation Workshop - Tim Brown (PDF)

Trafficking - Does it Threaten Aviation Security? - Tim Colehan (PDF)

Security Performance, SeMS Experience - David Clark, Yannick Lachapelle, Philippe Berthe & Yves Mabbe (PDF)


AVSEC World Highlights

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