This webinar tackles an effective, evidence-based methodology to support timely, robust and documented risk assessments: IATA’s Threat and Risk Audit Matrix. The webinar was broadcast in July 2016, but you can watch it on demand.

What will you learn?

We believe that all organizations and risk managers should have the ability, confidence and tools to effectively evidence, evaluate and review the threats, vulnerabilities, consequences, mitigation actions and ultimately the residual risks that affect their business.
Designed to provide the tools, templates, scoring metrics and electronic matrix needed to create, evaluate, maintain and track the components of risk assessments in a timely fashion, IATA’s Threat and Risk Audit Matrix enables individuals and organizations to become increasingly confident and ‘self- sufficient’ in risk assessment.

About the speaker

Mike Woodall is IATA's Assistant Director of Security Consulting and Capacity Development. He has worked in aviation security for the past 16 years.

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