147th Slot Conference

Location TBD
17 - 20 November

147th Slot Conference 17 – 20 November 2020 - COVID-19 Update

Due to local government and event restrictions in Barcelona, Spain, we have been required to relocate this conference and postpone opening registration whilst we identify an alternative, well connected venue that adheres to all health and safety standards that are required to host this event.

IATA is focused on supporting the restart of the industry and is doing anything it can, as an advocate for aviation, to aid recovery. We feel this event is a significant and essential component in planning and optimizing slots and the schedules for the coming seasons. 

As we understand many restrictions on travel remain, we are planning to run the November Slot Conference as a ‘hybrid’ event. So regardless of whether delegates would attend in person or virtually, we will ensure all registrants to the conference can actively participate. Head Delegates and attendees of the conference have been notified of this decision and we will continue to keep all updated as this situation progresses.

Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to reconnecting this November whether virtually or in person!

The Slot Conference (SC) is a working conference. Regularly attracting over 1200 delegates, from over 230 airlines and representatives of over 85 schedules-facilitated or fully coordinated airports this twice-yearly meeting is one of IATA's largest events.

As part of the slot process, the purpose of this voluntary assembly of both IATA and non-IATA airlines worldwide is to provide a forum for the allocation of slots at fully coordinated airports (Level 3), and for the reaching of consensus on the schedule adjustments necessary to conform to airport capacity limitations (Level 2). The goal of the conference is for airlines and airports to obtain the slots that will give them the best possible schedule to offer their customers.

The conference operating procedures are published in the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG)


"Great venue and really appreciate all the hard work invested to make the conference successful! Thank you!"
- Head Coordinator

"Have not attended the slot conference for many years, I found great improvement, good job well done!"
- Head Airline Representative

"Proved to be the perfect platform for route development discussions with airlines you wish to attract to your airport in a relaxed atmosphere!"
- Exhibitor/Sponsor

“Hosting the conference and showcasing our city to key decision makers and delegates from around the world was invaluable”
- Host Sponsor


The activities of the Slot Conference are managed by the Worldwide Airport Slots Department



We will update the registration information for the 147th Slot Conference soon. Please see the About tab for our latest updates on COVID-19 and the Slot Conference. 

Visa Requirements

Delegates are reminded that it is their individual responsibility to obtain a valid visa to attend the Slot Conference. Please ensure you check your visa requirements as soon as possible to prevent any delay in your visa application. For guidance and further information, delegates should consult the IATA Travel Center.

Delegates requiring a letter of invitation to attend the conference in order to support their visa application should check the "Visa Letter Request" box when registering online, then follow the instructions.


Thank you to our Sponsors

The IATA Slot Conference provides the perfect opportunity to network over 500 airline representatives representing 230 unique airlines throughout the world. This semi-annual meeting attracts roughly 1,200 delegates allowing both airlines and airports to meet, discuss and obtain the slots that will give them the best possible schedule to offer their customers.

In order to participate (as an exhibitor or sponsor) it is not obligatory to be a slot coordinated airport! Approximately 45% of exhibitors participating at the event are not slot coordinated.

Sponsorship/Exhibition Please Contact

Mike Huntington​
Business Development Director
Tel.: +1-203-563-8170
Mobile: +1-514-240-2844


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People you will meet

  • VP’s of Network Planning
  • Schedule Planning Managers
  • Route Development Managers
  • Charter Managers
  • Fleet Planning Managers
  • Heads of Traffic Development
  • Marketing Directors
  • Route Development Managers


Networking Reception Sponsor



We will update the hotel information for the 147th Slot Conference soon. Please see the About tab for our latest updates on COVID-19 and the Slot Conference. 

Airport Slots & Coordination Training

Did you know that in the past 4 years, 968 participants from 104 countries have taken this course with IATA?


“I cannot even begin to describe how beneficial the Airport Slots and Coordination course was to me. Working for an airline that is relatively new to international flying, we’ve yet to have a formal venue to learn about worldwide best practices. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects surrounding the slots process, and included several real world examples to demonstrate various parts of the procedures. It was obvious that she was passionate about each member of the class succeeding. Furthermore, I found the unique opportunity for classroom dialogue between schedulers, coordinators, and facilitators to be invaluable. In fact, I was able to use specific aspects of the training in my job the very next day. I would highly recommend this course to any colleague who is interested in furthering their knowledge of the IATA World Slot Guidelines.”

Mark Milligan, Southwest Airlines


Due to the growth of air traffic some airports are experiencing a discrepancy between available airport capacity and demand. Coordination involves the allocation of constrained or limited airport capacity to airlines and other aircraft operators to ensure a viable airport and air transport operation. Coordination is also a process to maximize the efficient use of airport infrastructure.

This course will help you learn how to allocate and coordinate airport slots by applying IATA's Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG), the accepted global standard for the policies, principles, and procedures of airport slot management. Learn how to apply the standard communication procedures from IATA's Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) to messages between airlines and slot coordinators.

Course Format

A three day Airport Slots & Coordination Training Course is offered prior to the start of the conference. Registration and payment are necessary. For more information see the training webpage.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • Recommended level is Entry-level and Intermediate
  • The recommended level of language proficiency is ICAO Operational Level 4 (pdf) for courses in English or equivalent for other languages

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