148th Slot Conference

15 - 17 June 2021

148th Slot Conference 15 – 17 June 2021

Thank you to all delegates who attended the 148th Slot Conference! If you missed any of the program sessions held at the conference you can view them below. Additionally we encourage you to have a look at our event magazine - Slots 148!



Winter 2021: Not the New Normal
Another brick in the wall – the role of destination marketing and incentives in restoring demand for air travel
The challenge of reopening borders and the role of digital health passes
The Forecaster's Panel
The Worldwide Airport Slot Board – priorities and challenges for the recovery in 2021
Slot Performance monitoring – An essential part of the slot process
Spotlight: Eurocontrol 6 week rolling outlook

Patricia Carmona

Senior Specialist Market Intelligence & Competitiveness, UNWTO

Anthony Chan

Manager, Network Planning, HK Express

Tim Colehan

Assistant Director, Member and External Relations, IATA

David Goodger

Managing Director, Europe & Middle East, Tourism Economics

John Grant

Chief Analyst, OAG

Sebastian Mikosz

Senior Vice President, Member and External Relations, IATA

Rikke Munk Christensen

Vice President, Networks, Alliances and Commercial Planning, Virgin Atlantic

Alan Murray Hayden

Head, Airline, Airport and Security, IATA

Sebastian Pelissier

Head of Slot Policy & Strategic Capacity, Norwegian Airline Group

Alyson Playford

Head of Aviation Business Development, Heathrow Airport

Petra Popovac

Chief Executive Officer, ACA

Linda Ristagno

Assistant Director, External Affairs, IATA

Steve Rowe

Head of Scheduling and Publication, Air New Zealand

Jennifer Sayre

Director, Airport Access, Delta Air Lines

The Slot Conference (SC) is a working conference. Regularly attracting over 1200 delegates, from over 230 airlines and representatives of over 85 schedules-facilitated or fully coordinated airports this twice-yearly meeting is one of IATA's largest events.

As part of the slot process, the purpose of this voluntary assembly of both IATA and non-IATA airlines worldwide is to provide a forum for the allocation of slots at fully coordinated airports (Level 3), and for the reaching of consensus on the schedule adjustments necessary to conform to airport capacity limitations (Level 2). The goal of the conference is for airlines and airports to obtain the slots that will give them the best possible schedule to offer their customers.

The conference operating procedures are published in the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG) and activities of the Slot Conference are managed by the Worldwide Airport Slots Department





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