Webinar organized by Airlines. Magazine, Sabre, and IATA.

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is transforming retail in the travel industry.

Consumers increasingly expect tailored experiences in all aspects of their lives – including in their travel options. That’s why personalization is a ‘must have’ for successful airline retailing.

The NDC standard is the starting point for a more personalized airline retail experience for travelers. But personalization doesn’t stop there, and an entire reimagining of airline retailing is underway.

In this webinar that took place on Wednesday September 5th, you will discover the next frontier on the horizon: an end-to-end retailing ecosystem.

Just imagine:

  • Branded experiences that offer the exact content that travelers want.
  • Increased incremental revenue from ancillaries and post-booking sales.
  • Greater market share and traveler loyalty in return.

All of which leads to airline retailing far beyond standard.

Watch the webinar now.