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28 April

From Financial Resilience to Sustainable Restart

2020 has been one the most challenging year for our industry and its financial health. The current travel restrictions are slowing down the restart activities IATA has been working on for 2021 with its members and partners. The World Financial Webcasts series is meant to help airlines overcome these challenges and prepare for recovery.

Three live and interactive events will focus on airline financial sustainability and financial resilience and are meant to help airlines and the wider value chain identify the key priorities to focus on for a sustainable restart.

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Session 1
24 February 

Industry Financial Sustainability
Debt, debt, debt - The financial backpack of the Industry

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Session 2
24 March
13:00 to 14:15 CET

Prioritizing Value Creation with speed and flexibility 
The pandemic driving the need for agility

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Session 3
28 April
13:00 to 14:15 CET
What to Offer 
Indutry Financial Talent
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