​Aviation is the Business of Freedom. The essence of aviation is building a global community by connecting people, businesses and cultures across great distances. Ten million people work in the aviation industry to make this happen. It is important that this workforce reflects the amazing diversity that it fosters in our society. The IATA Diversity & Inclusion Awards, sponsored by Qatar Airways, aim to recognize and celebrate the great work that is being done to ensure our industry is diverse and inclusive. 

Three awards to recognize three categories of leadership in diversity and inclusion

  • Inspirational Role Model: Will be presented to a woman who holds a senior position within the industry who has had a significant impact on the aviation agenda through her strong contribution to business delivery, as well as her ongoing support of the diversity & inclusion agenda. Open to all female participants in the aviation industry (IATA members and non-members alike). In 2019, the Award was presented to Christine Ourmières-Widener, the former CEO of Flybe.
  • High Flyer: Designed to recognize one of aviation’s young female professionals (i.e. under the age of 40) who has developed thought leadership through concrete action in favor of diversity & inclusion, making a positive impact on the industry. Open to all female professionals in the aviation industry (IATA members and non-members alike). Noutchemo Simo, Founder and President of the Young African Aviation Professional Association (YAAPA) was the recipient of this category in 2019.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Team Award: Designed to recognize an airline that has seen measurable change in diversity and inclusion as a result of the work it has been doing in diversity and inclusion. Open to all IATA member airlines. The 2019 Award in this category was presented to Air New Zealand.

Please note that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, IATA’s Diversity & Inclusion Awards have been postponed to 2021.


How to submit your nomination?


To submit your nomination (self-nominations are not accepted) please prepare a short video explaining why a given person/ team should be nominated. Please note the video should be short (3 minutes maximum) where you will explain why the person/ team that is being nominated is a worthy winner. In addition, you will need to provide a short explanation in writing why the person/ team has been nominated.

If you are unsure how to upload a video to YouTube, please check out this short tutorial.


Each award category comes with US$25,000 in prize money, generously funded by Qatar Airways.

Nominations close on 30 April. Winners will be announced during the IATA’s Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport in Amsterdam in June 2020.

Judges (2019 Winners)


The panel of judges consists of the winners of the 2019 IATA Diversity & Inclusion Awards:

  • Christine Ourmières-Widener (Former CEO of FlyBe) - Winner of the Inspirational Role Model Award- Nomination video
  • Fadimatou Noutchemo Simo (Young African Aviation Professional) - Winner of the High Flyer Award - Nomination video
  • Sarah Archer on behalf of Air New Zealand Team - Winner of the Diversity & Inclusion Team Award - Nomination video


Any question? Please contact us at 25by2025@iata.org