From 1 flight in 2008, to 100,000 flights in 2017, to 1 million flights in 2020, the aviation industry is pushing hard to use sustainable fuels to cut emissions.

On 24th February 2008, a Virgin Atlantic B747 made history by becoming the first airplane flown by a commercial airline to fly on a blend of jetfuel and sustainable aviation fuel (also known as “biofuel”). This flight showed the world it was technically possible to fly on a blend of alternative fuels, and swiftly many thousands of demonstration and test flights followed, ensuring that other fuel sources could also be used. In 2011 commercial flights began, and now we need governments to help incentivize more production to ensure we can meet our ambitious carbon reduction target of a cut of 50% in CO2 by 2050 compared to 2005.

IATA’s biofuels expert and senior environment manager Robert Boyd picks up the story in the video below:

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