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13 January 2017

Improving the Passenger Experience One Order at a Time

When I travel for business, I make it a point to take advantage of technology to get me through the airport as quickly as possible. So, I always check-in online and print my boarding pass in the office. I feel a sense of pride because both are enabled by IATA standards.

While I rarely check bags, I do look forward to another IATA standard becoming more widespread—the home printed baggage tag—for when I do. 
Most travelers don’t know of the large role that IATA plays in creating the standards that are making travel more convenient. In fact, one of IATA’s biggest achievements—the global use of e-tickets—made us a lot less visible to air travelers. Do you remember the days when the IATA logo was on almost every paper ticket?

Making travelling easier

There is still ample scope for technology to make the life of travelers easier. We recently launched a program called ONE Order which will take us a step further. Most of it will be invisible to travelers as it involves modernizing back office processes. But, in doing so one of my technology pet peeves should be resolved.

If you recall the last time that you did online check-in, you might remember that you had several options in locating your itinerary. It can feel like a lottery when you input them in the process. Sometimes they work, other times you get the dreaded “we cannot find your record” message. That’s because the information about your travel can be stored in several different records, depending on how you bought your ticket.

When ONE Order is fully implemented, you will have just one number regardless of how or where you purchased your ticket. So you should always hit the jackpot when you are checking-in online! 

There is a lot more to the ONE Order initiative than travelers will experience directly. For those who are interested, there is lot of information about this important transformational project on the IATA website. It’s a big transformational program that will take time to implement. But rest assured that even though there is no more paper ticket for IATA’s logo, we are still very much working to make travel even more convenient in ways big and small!

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