Find out here the Global Media Days 2022 media material. 

> Download the Global Media Days 2022 detailed agenda (pdf)

Outlook for Aviation

Willie Walsh, IATA's Director General

Marie Owens Thomsen, Chief Economist

Press Release: Economic Outlook & State of the Industry 
Presentation: Outlook for Aviation (pdf)
Press Release: IATA-McKinsey Study Shows Imbalanced Aviation Value Chain
Presentation: The aviation value chain (pdf)
Fact sheet: Fuel (pdf)


EU/US Regulatory Agendas

Conrad Clifford, SVP & Deputy Director General

Presentation: European and US regulatory developments (pdf)

Lessons from the Pandemic

James Wiltshire, AD External Affairs

Presentation: COVID-19: Will we be better prepared next time? (pdf)


Lara Maughan, Head Worldwide Airport Slots

Presentation: Slots Challenges to recovery (pdf)
Fact sheet: Worldwide Airport Slots (pdf)


Linda Ristagno, AD External Affairs

Presentation: Taking Accessibility to the Next Level (pdf)
Fact sheet: Air Travel Accessibility (pdf)

Diversity & Inclusion

Anton Grove, VP People, Performance & Development

Presentation: Update on 25by2025 (pdf)
25 by 2025: Advancing Gender Balance in Aviation

Operations Key Issues Overview

Nick Careen, SVP Operations, Safety & Security

Presentation: Operations (pdf)
Press Release: IATA Calls for Transition to Enhanced Ground Support Equipment
Ground Operations 2023 Trends (pdf)

Flight Safety & Risk Based-IOSA

Mark Searle, Director Safety

Presentation: The Aviation Safety Picture (pdf)
Fact sheet: IATA Safety Audit Programs (pdf)

Passenger Experience

Louise Cole, Head Customer Experience & Facilitation

Presentation: Passenger Experience (pdf)
Press Release: Arriving at the Airport ‘Ready to Fly’ is Closer to Reality with New Industry Standards

Achieving Net Zero

Willie Walsh, Director General

Fact sheet: IATA Net Zero Resolution (pdf)
Fact sheet: Net Zero Operations & Infrastructure (pdf)
Fact sheet: CORSIA (pdf)
Fact sheet: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (pdf)
Fact sheet: New Aircraft Technology (pdf)

ESG Reporting

Emi Mima, Manager Sustainable Finance

Presentation: ESG Reporting (pdf)

Sustainability Standard Setting: IEnvA

Quintin Holder, Senior Manager Sustainability Standards & Audits

Presentation: IEnvA Managing Environmental Sustainability (pdf)

Sustainable Cabin

Jon Godson, AD Sustainability
Olga Miltcheva, AD Knowledge & Engagement

Presentation: Sustainable Cabin (pdf)
Fact sheet: Cabin Waste & Single Use Plastics (pdf)

Air Cargo Outlook

Andrew Matters, Head of Policy Analysis


Presentation: Air cargo developments and outlook: A market in transition (pdf)

Cargo - Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo

Presentation: Cargo: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic, Opportunities & Challenges (pdf)
Cargo 2023 Trends (pdf)

Lithium Batteries

Dave Brennan, Head Cargo Safety & Dangerous Goods

Presentation: Lithium Batteries Reducing Risk (pdf)
Fact sheet: Lithium Batteries (pdf)
Dangerous Goods 2023 Trends (pdf)

Cargo Digital Roadmap

Henk Mulder, Head Digital Cargo

Presentation: Digital Roadmap for Air Cargo (pdf)
Fact sheet: e-Freight & eAWB (pdf)

Special Cargo Briefing

Sonia Ben Hamida, Head of Special Cargo


Presentation: Special Cargo (pdf)
Whitepaper: Perishables Logistics and Air Transport (pdf
Special Cargo 2023 Trends (pdf)