The IATA Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) Think Tank is an ideation group, comprised of strategic thought leaders from across the industry working together to develop new initiatives that will become standards to shape the future of airline retailing.

The process is simple: The Think Tank brainstorms 2-5 ideas at the beginning of the year, and over the next few months, develops the ideas further into an industry White Paper and proofs of concepts presented at the AIR Symposium. The Think Tank runs annually, beginning in January and culminating at the annual Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) Symposium in October.

AIR Think Tank Ideas

The 2019 AIR Think Tank worked on the following ideas that will be presented at the AIR Symposium.

Project Lemonade

Existing industry solutions for irregular operations responses do a fairly good job at re-accommodating travelers onto partner airlines. Project Lemonade seeks to extend this same automated re-accommodation facility to non-partner airlines and non-airline travel providers using modified NDC standards. The impact of this improvement will be lower re-accommodation costs, fewer disconnected passengers, higher levels of traveler satisfaction and better collaboration and transparency across the value chain.

Project Robot

High volumes of NDC shopping requests, both now and especially in a world of full NDC adoption, load airline systems and create significant costs which becomes uneconomical in case of very high look-to-book ratios. Some cases of excessive look-to-book volumes, caused by robotic screen scraping, can be addressed upfront through brute-force technical mechanisms. However, there remains a bulk of legitimate NDC shopping requests that require to be answered. Project Robot aims to help airlines to cope with the incoming volume of NDC shopping requests, alleviating the processing costs while optimizing the best possible accuracy. This will be achieved by decoupling the offer request from the offer creation.

Project TrulyMe

TrulyMe is a standard that allows travelers to share their contact information and travel preferences with any travel distributor or travel supplier with one-click. The traveler’s entire journey is laid out in one easy to access location, regardless of whether they booked with a travel agency or directly with an airline or hotel. If there is a change to their trip, updates and changes are easy to access in one centralized place. All of these benefits are made possible with distributed ledger technology, ensuring that the traveler remains in charge of their personal data and who it gets shared with.

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