In an increasingly digital world, airline customers' expectations for personalized offers, real-time information and seamless transactions are growing. The Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) portfolio aims to help the airline industry build stronger retailing processes, enabling their customers to "shop-order-pay" for air products across all channels.

AIR portfolio

Airline’s future performance largely depends on how quickly they can transform their distribution and payment legacy processes into a digital retailing environment.

The AIR portfolio is a set of projects and activities building new capabilities that will help the industry participate in this digital transformation. They are closely linked to the common goal of enhancing the Shop-Order-Pay to improve capabilities to support products’ flexibility, consistency across channels, and consent on forms of payment (from customers) and remittance (from agents) and their associated costs.

AIR Projects

  1. Shop - NDC: Transform the way air products are currently retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers
  2. Order - ONE Order: Simplify airline distribution, by modernizing the order management process
  3. Pay - NewGen ISS: Transform the current ISS model which facilitates the distribution and settlement of funds between travel agents and airlines.

    Transparency in Payment (TIP): Provide airlines with increased transparency and control in the collection of their sales through the travel agency channel.


AIR Events & Activities

  • AIR Symposium: A major event addressing in depth the topics of Distribution and Payment from a customer perspective
  • AIR Tech Zone: A community portal for developers covering different industry initiatives and a one-stop-shop for accessing resources, documentation and implementation guidance
  • AIR Hackathons: Round-the-clock experiences gathering developers from across the globe to work on innovative solutions enhancing airline retailing.
  • AIR Think Tank: A platform for ideation formed of key stakeholders across the industry.
  • AIR Webinars: A series of workshops contributing to build the AIR innovation profile and ensure consistency across all AIR-related activities among key industry stakeholders.