The current NDC and ONE Order certifications and Supporting NDC recognition will move into the Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index with a broader scope to cover airline retailing using offers and orders based on the IATA Enhanced and Simplified Distribution (EASD) standards. We have created an Airline Retailing Maturity index website with videos, resources and documentation to help transition into the new certification model.

The ARM index will be publicly launched in October 2021 at the Digital, Data & Retailing (DDR) Symposium. The current registries will continue to exist in parallel until October 2022, however beginning in October 2021 all new certifications and renewals will be on the new ARM index.

Supporting NDC is the label that recognizes an entity’s active participation in the NDC ecosystem. This label is meant for entities, especially system providers that are not eligible for the NDC Certification program as per NDC Certification Program Terms and Conditions (pdf)

This label also confirms that the entity has a solution in the context of an NDC implementation and within the scope of the NDC Ecosystem.

Supporting NDC does not validate the quality or other aspects of the Applicant’s activities or solutions, stand-alone or in comparison with those of other entities, nor does it validate, certify or endorse any commercial solutions that may be derived from the usage of NDC messages. Furthermore, by maintaining a list of these entities, IATA does not take any position with respect to the relative quality or other aspects of the activities or solutions of entities that are provided with the Supporting NDC Label.

Read the Legal Disclaimer (pdf) for the Supporting NDC Label.

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Company Profile

Accelya has been working in the travel and transportation industry since 1976 and it provides financial, commercial, and cargo solutions to the travel and transport industry. Accelya is a global company serving more than 400 clients in over 80 countries. It has development centers, processing centers and offices in Mexico, Tunisia, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, France, United States, United Kingdom, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Netherlands, Philippines, Hong Kong and Germany. Accelya’s revenues are over $200 million.

Solution Name & Main Features

REVERA and RAPID Accelya offers Revenue Accounting solutions to the Airline industry and aims to deploy related NDC messages to Revenue accounting systems which can then be consumed for RA processing purposes.

Access Accelya's website for additional information

Contact Details

Bosco Fernandes
E-mail: Bosco Fernandes

Jikky John
E-mail:Jikky John

Telephone: +91 22 6856 8888

Datatrans AG

Company Profile

Datatrans is focusing on demanding, customer centric online payment solutions. One of the core competences are specific integrations for the airline industry. Providing modern payment solutions to major carriers, low-cost airlines, OTAs, meta-search engines and other airline technology providers for years. Their payment and tokenization infrastructure handles billions of dollars of thousands of clients every year while keeping their customer’s payment data safe and secure.

Solution Name & Main Features

PCI Proxy is a modular tokenization as a service platform built to protect and manage payment data. PCI Proxy’s tokenization APIs can be used by airlines, agents or aggregators that consume NDC order messages to keep sensitive payment data out of their systems. Externalizing PCI DSS compliance. Next to its tokenization approach, PCI Proxy offers a standalone and vendor-independent 3D secure authentication-only solution. Allowing sellers to perform 3DS authentications (SCA) on behalf of its merchants to comply with PSD2.

Access Datatrans website for more information.

Contact Details

E-mail: Niko Aust

Lufthansa Systems

Company Profile

Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading providers of IT services in the airline industry. It draws its strengths from the ability to combine industry know-how with technological expertise and many years of project experience.It was formed as a spin-off of the Lufthansa Systems Group's Airline Solutions division. The company offers a range of market-leading products to its airline customers. Its IT products and services offer economic benefits that contribute to improve efficiency and competitiveness. The company is based in Frankfurt, Germany and has 1,900 employees in locations spread across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America.

Solution Name & Main Features

SIRAX/RA is a Revenue Accounting solution for airlines, which provides the full scope of modern revenue accounting for airlines with different business models and sizes fitting into the NDC environment. SIRAX/RA supports the direct interface to any Order Management System. Moreover, allowing airlines to benefit from simplified and highly automated revenue accounting processes, in line with NDC.

Access Lufthansa Systems website for more information.

Contact Details

E-mail: Sebastian Holfert