Towards 100% data quality

The Message Improvement Program (MIP) started in 2007 as part of an e-freight initiative to track the performance of EDI messaging between freight forwarders and airlines. This program is opt-in based and free-of-charge, currently open to airlines and freight forwarders only.

Today, there are over 70 participants, of which some of the leading airlines and forwarders worldwide. MIP processes about 2 million records of data every month from airlines only, producing over 1000 different confidential reports for its participants, as well as an industry reports of which the monthly e-freight and e-AWB reports.


The current scope is to measure the performance of the electronic message equivalents to the Air Waybills and House Waybills (respectively the FWB and FHL for Cargo-IMP, and XFWB and XFHL/XFZB for Cargo-XML), where the following are being measured:

  1. Message penetration
  2. Message rejections
  3. Message duplications
  4. Syntax errors
  5. Business data quality/errors on every single field of data (200+)
  6. Process errors

MIP 2.0

To support the broader adoption of e-cargo and IATA’s new ONE Record initiative, IATA is working on an extended version of MIP that will:

  • Open up to ground handlers, Cargo Community Systems (CCS), solutions providers and other stakeholders.
  • Cover additional critical electronic messages like status, error and feedback messages.
  • Collect more details on shipment data to further increase MIP’s value.
  • Collect shipment data from all participants, allowing data congruence analysis and troubleshooting between peers.
  • Provide new, revamped reports and intelligence focusing on today’s and tomorrow’s critical metrics.
  • Allow self-service reporting.

How to join?

To join MIP, write to with your company name and contact details.