Validate your Cargo-XML messages for free!

IATA is committed to fostering industry adoption of Cargo-XML standards. For this purpose, air cargo industry stakeholders, those implementing the Cargo-XML standards will be able to validate their Cargo-XML messages using IATA's Cargo-XML AutoCheck tool.

This message validation is based on the Cargo-XML Schemas as published in the IATA Cargo-XML Toolkit and aimed at facilitating the testing of Cargo-XML Messages.

This portal only validates the syntax of the Cargo-XML messages based on Cargo-XML schema and business rules validation is not part of it:

  • XML Booking Message (XFFR v2.00)
  • XML Flight Manifest Message (XFFM v2.00)
  • XML House Waybill Message (XFZB v3.00)
  • XML Status Message (XFSU v2.00)
  • XML Waybill Message (XFWB v3.00)

Automated validation

This automated solution will allow industry stakeholders to validate their Cargo-XML messages through a portal service without involving a partner. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the Cargo-XML rollout and allow the industry to validate messages syntax and eventually business rules.

If you are an airline, freight forwarder, ground handler or an IT service provider, and are moving towards Cargo-XML as your messaging standard, Cargo-XML AutoCheck will be an invaluable tool during both your development and once you've gone live.

Register and validate for free

To register and begin validating your messages please go to the IATA Cargo-XML AutoCheck Portal