A supply chain security approach

IATA works with industry and regulators through commercial or capacity building mechanisms to deliver programs, best practices and templates to secure global air cargo supply chains. IATA promotes government standards and principles where cargo is secured upstream in the supply chain and then protected from unlawful interference until it reaches its destination.

IATA uses cargo security capacity building activities to address deficiencies in cargo security regimes and assist countries meet ICAO Annex 17 and other international standards. Capacity building activities complement existing compliance tools like SeMS, IOSA and ISAGO.​

Capacity building tools

  • National Programs to regulate the air cargo industry within a State
  • Supply chain security best practices to define how operators comply with standards that allow shipments to be transported securely across supply chains
  • Guidance material providing practical guidance on how to move cargo and its associated information through the secure supply chain
  • Security Program templates for operators
  • Validation and assessment of operators