While travelers have not lost their desire to fly and discover the world, the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have devastated the tourism sector. As the world gradually re-opens, travelers are seeking information to understand the requirements to enter countries, and the COVID-19 measures in place. The Destination Tracker developed by UNWTO uses Timatic Travel Regulations content and collates it with other government information to provide an overview of destinations open to travel and to detail COVID-19 restrictions at destination. 

> For governments, looking to once again welcome visitors, the Destination Tracker is a great way to stimulate travel demand to your destination(s). To update nformation for your country, please contact tmic@unwto.org

> For travelers: explore the Tracker to have a quick overview of travel opportunities and what measures to expect at the destination of your choice, as they affect food and accommodation, attractions and leisure activities, country-wide mobility, etc.