The IEnvA Registry lists all airlines that have successfully completed an independent IEnvA assessment (Stage 1 / Stage 2). Please see the see the current list of IEnvA registered airlines below.

IEnvA Stage 2 Registered Airlines

IEnvA Stage 2 Standards represent the highest level of IEnvA compliance and requires an airline to demonstrate ongoing environmental performance improvement. In addition to the IEnvA Stage 1 requirements, IEnvA Stage 2 requires an airline to develop and implement:

  • Environmental significance/risk rating criteria
  • Environmental Management Plans to address environmental issues which include:
    - Environmental objectives and associated plans to achieve those objectives
    - Control mechanisms to achieve and maintain environmental compliance and performance
  • Environmental training programs
  • Environmental communications plans
  • Emergency response procedures

Below is the current list of airlines registered under IEnvA Stage 2:

Scope options

  • CORE: Flight Operations and Corporate activities
  • CF: Catering activities
  • GH: Ground Handling activities
  • MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul activities


SCOPE ​Expiration
​Air New Zealand ​CORE, MRO & GH 20 January 2022
​Finnair ​CORE, CF & IWT 1 June 2021
​Icelandair Group ​CORE, MRO 1 February 2021
​LATAM Airlines ​CORE 1 June 2021
​Qatar Airways CORE, MRO, GH & ​IWT 1 December 2021
​South African Airways ​CORE, MRO & IWT 1 January 2022


IEnvA Stage 1 Registered Airlines

IEnvA Stage 1 Standards represent an intermediary step to full IEnvA (Stage 2) compliance. IEnvA Stage 1 primarily requires that an airline has:

  • Developed an environmental policy
  • Established environmental leadership, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Developed a scope for its IEnvA system
  • Identified relevant environmental issues
  • Identified relevant environmental compliance obligations

Below is the current list of airlines registered under IEnvA Stage 1:

Scope options

  • CORE: Flight Operations and Corporate activities
Air Canada ​CORE ​1 July 2020
​Air Canada Rouge ​CORE 1 July 2020
​Airlink ​CORE ​1 April 2021
​British Airways ​CORE ​20 August 2021
GOL Linhas Aéreas CORE 1 September 2022
​LATAM Colombia CORE ​1 November 2020
​Vueling ​CORE ​1 March 2022


IWT Registered Airlines

A voluntary certification that is an extra component to an airline’s IEnvA system. IWT IEnvA Standards and Recommended Practices are developed in line with the 11 commitments of the Buckingham Palace Declaration and the 72nd IATA AGM Resolution. An IEnvA IWT certified airline is able to demonstrate that it has developed and introduced controls to reduce the likelihood of the transportation of illegal wildlife products as part of its IEnvA system.

Below is the current list of airlines registered under IWT:

​Finnair ​CORE, CF & ​IWT ​1 June 2021
​Qatar Airways ​CORE, MRO, GH & ​IWT ​1 December 2021
​South African Airways ​CORE, MRO & ​IWT ​1 January 2022


IEnvA Partner Airlines

Airlines serving on the IEnvA Oversight Council and airlines that are committed to achieving IEnvA Stage 1 registration within the next 24 months.