​​Air Traffic Control (ATC) Charges are levied on aircraft in order to cover the air navigation services provided by the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) over a portion of airspace, generally coincident with national boundaries.​​ In the presence of unfair practices, IATA coordinates efforts amongst me​​​mber airlines in order to find solutions and promote effective dialogue with the ANSP.

Safety, Efficiency & Transparency​

Given the monopolistic nature of such services, its charges need to be regulated and surveilled in order to avoid inconsistent methodologies, unfair or discriminato​ry practices, lack of transparency in cost information, and other instances of unfair pricing.​

The resulting, justified and transparent, charges system constitutes the premise for a safer, more efficient, and flexible ATM system that not only sustains airlines daily operations and short-term planning but also enhances the long-term strategic vision of the airlines and their partners.

International Campaigns

Within the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulating fram​ework, IATA conducts international campaigns as well as consultations with Agencies, Institutions, and representative organizations in order to assure that ATC charges and planned increases are based on ICAO recommendations and principles.​