Due to the urgent need to reduce the risks related to the COVID -19 pandemic by air transport, several states are allowing alleviation in Safety Operational Measures, providing airlines with greater flexibility while safeguarding safety of passengers and crew. Some of those alleviation measures require to be filed with ICAO, and there is no guarantee that other states will accept them. These include: personnel license validity, ratings, certificates, and attestations of air crew, instructors, examiners, aircraft maintenance license holders, and air traffic controllers. Airlines operating beyond their national borders, need to have certainty that alleviations approved by their authority are acceptable by other states.

In collaboration with ICAO, IATA has developed this page allowing easy access to COVID-19 Safety Operational Measures Contingency Related Differences (CCRD) extracted from the ICAO website, presenting states intentions regarding the acceptance of other authorities alleviation measures.

Crew Alleviation and Planning Tool (CAPT)

As COVID-19 contingency related measures (CCRD) are starting to be lifted, ICAO created a monitoring and planning tool to support States and the aviation community for the restart of operations. IATA has customized the tool for our airline members to provide accurate information with regards to expired or expiring crew members licences, medicals and proficiency checks. This tool will assist their respective CAA with being able to match demand and capacity with the applicable alleviations. This will greatly assist the restart planning for both parties, and it will provide enhanced collaboration. Click here to access CAPT

Current standards in the CCRD

  • Medical certificates (Annex 1 – Personnel Licencing)
  • Personnel license validity (Annex 1 – Personnel Licencing)
  • Recency and recurrent training for pilots (Annex 6 – Operation of Aircraft)

This list may be expanded as ICAO identifies other provisions. The information is extracted exactly as per ICAO’s CCRD website.

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