The IATA Global Fuel Portal (IGFP) is a web-based portal for the 24/7 collection and dissemination of aviation fuel alerts and information. This global operational database initially serves as a fuel disruption notification system, and will eventually also feature occurrence reporting. This essential fuel online resource is jointly managed with Airlines for America (A4A). Only one segment of the A4A Fuel Portal was used to develop the IGFP, and that is the alert segment. The rest of content available on the A4A Fuel Portal remains accessible.

A collaborative tool for all fuel stakeholders

The IGFP has been designed to allow real time reporting of fuel issues. Airlines, service providers and airport authorities can input their information directly on the platform, and make it available instantly to all other stakeholders, either operational or regulatory.

Real-time & global information sharing on fuel issues

A real-time and 24/7 information channel on fuel related issues at over 4,000 airports globally, the IGFP also contributes to fuel efficiency through:

  • Minimized risks and costs to customers
  • Opportunities to introduce alternative solutions by taking appropriate and timely action
  • Emergency coordination among industry stakeholders and authorities

Fuel Portal - access and conditions

Access to IGFP is reserved to airlines, service providers, airport authorities, civil aviation authorities, international organizations and relevant Strategic Partners. It is free of charge.

Read the IATA Global Fuel Portal disclaimer (pdf)

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