Synchronize your ground operations with the IGOM Portal

With stations across the world, and contracts with multiple different companies, a consistent ground handling operation can be a challenge.

The IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) is already the established global standard for ground handling and the trusted reference for safe ground operations worldwide.

Now, the IGOM Portal allows you to communicate every variation in your Ground Operations Manual, to everyone who needs to know, at the touch of a button.

> IGOM Portal user guide (pdf)

Critical Safety Procedures & Risk Assessment

Here’s how it works:

OPS Portal User Guide for IGOM


  • It's free: sign up today.
  • Notification function: communicate information about your variations to the IGOM once and update all partners in real-time.
  • Gap analysis: benchmark your procedures and monitor where they differ from IGOM. If you have no variations, effortlessly adopt the IGOM in full.
  • Variation report: facilitate the identification of variations from IGOM and share them with your business partner.
  • Dashboard: get insight on your performance, with customizable reports and charts.
  • Station administration: keep your data confidential, telling only those who need to know.
  • Always up to date: receive the latest changes to the IGOM as they’re approved.
  • Easy to manage: assign different roles within your organization.

The OPS Portal for Airlines


  • Update all your ground handler partners on a policy change with one click
  • Simplify communication with a fully traceable notifications and acknowledgment system
  • Ground handling partners can provide their best service, implementing your policy variations rapidly and consistently
  • Gain insight into your operations with customized dashboards and quickly generate management reports

The OPS Portal for Ground Handlers


  • See where each client varies from the IGOM in one easy reference location
  • Ensure the best service for every client, by having all the information at your fingertips
  • Gain insight into your operations with customised dashboards and quickly generate management reports
  • Benchmark your conformance with the industry best practices and stand out from the competition


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