As international travel begins to return, testing will remain part of the strategy for controlling COVID-19. As a result, travelers need options to find reliable test sites near international airports and main tourist destinations.

As travel restrictions are being lifted, a strong demand in domestic markets has followed and the same can be expected in international markets. Therefore, thousands of passengers will need to be tested daily and they will need access to local testing facilities while traveling that they can easily find via platforms such as the IATA Travel Pass and their airline’s website or app.

IATA’s Lab Network provides such a list of authorized locations from around the globe so that travelers can easily share their digital test certificates with authorities, airports, and airlines in IATA's Travel Pass app.

Why join the IATA Lab Network?

  • It’s free to join
  • Showcase your location to thousands of travelers in your city
  • Help boost your local economy and your business
  • Be listed in IATA solutions such as the IATA Travel Pass
  • Get recognition as a trusted testing location by leading airlines and IATA
  • Receive the correct instructions for each customer based on their travel journey (Correct test type, certificate language, etc.)

Who can join the IATA Lab Network?

IATA is seeking the help of local facilities (clinics, hospitals, laboratories, analysis centers, etc.) that can perform the following activities in relation to COVID-19 tests:

  • Sample collection site: Location where a traveler can go to leave a biological sample that can be subject to COVID-19 detection analysis according to the type of tests required to travel to a specific destination
  • Analysis laboratory or laboratory: Facility that can analyze the samples taken in the sample collection center to determine whether the traveler is COVID-19 positive or not
  • Issuing site: Laboratory, clinic or admin location that can issue a digital COVID-19 certificate based on the test results

Who is part of the IATA Lab Network?

The IATA Lab Network is used as part of the IATA Travel Pass which groups over 50 leading airlines from around the world. Below are a few of the partners part of the network or see the full list of Lab  Network partners.

How to join the IATA Lab Network?

If you are interested in becoming part of IATA’s Lab Network, and your facility meets the criteria listed above, please visit IATA’s Customer Portal to register. Once completed, the IATA team will validate your information and contact you to finalize your registration.


Please make sure you register yourself with the following characteristics:

  • Sector value: “Healthcare Industry”.
  • Category value: “Laboratory”

Need more information?

A global and standardized solution to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding COVID-19 passenger travel requirements. IATA Travel Pass will incorporate four open sourced and interoperable modules which can be combined for an end-to-end solution. You can learn more here.

Lab App is a module of IATA Travel Pass that allows labs to register new customers and issue digital test results to passengers., The passenger takes a COVID test at a Health Clinic or Lab, and the passenger is sent the test result ,once the required analysis has been done, into their IATA Travel Pass App to use during their travel journey.

To be part of the Lab registry, it is necessary to:

  • Request access to the service
  • Complete a questionnaire with basic information
  • Get approved to join the IATA Lab Network
  • Click and accept the terms of conditions
  • Provide a detailed list with all your locations details
  • Receive confirmation that you are now part of the IATA Lab Network
  • Receive LabApp Credentials

Lab App works on browsers (Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and devices (Smart telephone, Tablet and PC).

Once you join the ecosystem, you will receive credentials to use the SalesForce Customer Portal. You can then submit any enquiries you may have in the form of a case, and follow up through that case.

Customer Portal Home Page --> Support --> Contact us --> Select Topic “IATA Lab Network” or “IATA Travel Pass”