The IATA Drinking-Water Quality Pool (IDQP) was created by a number of airlines to share audits on drinking-water quality around the world. IDQP also developed its own procedures for conducting airfield inspections, using the highest quality standards.

IDQP Standards can now be found in the Airport Handling Manual (AHM).

DQP Training

Training is available for airline representatives who want to perform inspections on behalf of the Pool. The training covers WHO requirements, standards, procedures, checklists, prevention, reactivity and bacteria in water, as well as reporting. For more details, please contact idqp@iata.org 

The IDQP pool also manages:

  • Training and certification of auditors
  • Annual allocation of stations
  • Collection and consolidation of audits results
  • And communication of audit results (through the IDQP platform)


  • Safeguard health on board for passengers and crew by using the highest standards to ensure water quality
  • Avoid multiple audits of the same provider at the same location
  • See substantial financial savings from reductions of airport inspection workloads and associated costs

Why a pool for drinking-water quality?

To avoid illnesses, all water for drinking and other personal use made available to crew and passengers must be free from chemical substances and micro-organisms. The World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities have therefore issued sanitary requirements for the chlorination and handling of potable water. These audits are often heavy, expensive and redundant.

IDQP terms of reference

  • Fulfil the ISO 17775, WHO requirements or EU/98/83/EC or those set by the civil aviation authorities of the participating airlines
  • Develop and maintain the survey criteria for drinking-water quality and health related items
  • Ensure that surveys are performed in accordance with the checklist duly approved by the Steering Group
  • Offer a comprehensive training program to qualified airline representatives
  • Reduce the workload of participating airlines and drinking-water companies by sharing surveys at airports
  • Perform surveys where deemed necessary by the participating airlines
  • Share the survey reports and associated data amongst the participating airlines

For more information or to join IDQP, please contact IDQP@iata.org