The Safety Risk Management Framework (SRMF) has been developed as the cornerstone of the Safety Risk Pillar, part of IATA 3-year safety strategy to enable the identification, analysis, and mitigation of risks for the industry.

The IATA Safety Risk Management Framework is a central repository of aviation hazards and safety risks as identified by industry stakeholders. It supports the IATA Strategic Priority to reduce the aviation all-accident rate and is core to the IATA Safety Strategy, and its strategic pillar of ‘Safety Risk’. The framework has been developed to share the multiple challenges of adapting to the COVID-19 crisis and provides intelligence on aviation hazards and safety risks captured through multiple sources. It also aims to share best demonstrated practice.

Contribute to safety risk mitigation

The IATA Safety Risk Management Framework will be developed into a global database. As we seek to grow this  repository of aviation hazard and safety risks for the sake of the entire aviation community, please highlight other issues you would like to see featured by sending an email to 


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