Supporting the air cargo business

IATA has been encouraged by its member airlines and European regulators to support air carriers in complying with ACC3 EU Security Validation process. To respond to this demand, IATA Training and Development Institute created a Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) to train, guide and support industry stakeholders.


Benefits for the industry

CEIV offers a comprehensive solution in an effort to assist both the aviation industry and its regulators:

1. Pre-validation assessment guidelines and assistance (pdf)

2. Standard validation methodology and self-assessment tools to help airlines and other entities test their state of readiness

3. Scope of countries and stations that need validation

4. Training courses to prepare validators and airlines

Accredited Independent Validators

Check the Union database on supply chain security to know which Regulated Agents (RA3) and Known Consignors (KC3) have been assessed as compliant with the EU Regulations by Independent Validators.