​The independent validator’s bulletin board lists the Regulated Agents (RA3) and Known Consignors (KC3) which have been assessed as compliant with the regulation EU 2015/1998 and its related amendments by Independent Validators. The board also lists all of the companies which have been CEIV Pharma​ certified by IATA, thus ensuring international and national compliance to safeguard pharmaceutical product integrity.

The information in this board originates from Independent Validators and has last been updated on the date shown above.

Important: Please note that IATA does not warrant that the information contained in the bulletin board is fully up-to-date. The board cannot be considered an official nor exhaustive list of the entities designated by Independent Validators. Please refer to the Terms of Reference​.

Access the CEIV Bulletin Board* (pdf)

*Currently being upgraded to a new database that will go live in Q1 of 2020.