The APTF consists of airline representatives in the field of Flight Operations Engineering, Operations Engineering and Performance Engineering. Meetings are scheduled twice per year, the agenda consists of items of importance to the industry.

The APTF forms a unique industry platform for aircraft performance related issues, as such, it has strong links with the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO); the APTF has authored several working papers that have been incorporated into ICAO standards. Recently, the APTF has worked very closely with the ICAO Aeronautical Information Service to Aeronautical Information Management Study Group (ICAO AIS to AIMSG).

Another performance related task force is the Standard Computerized Aircraft Performance (SCAP) Task Force. It monitors and amends the SCAP manuals (Take-off, Landing, Inflight, Noise, Alternative Interface, Aircraft Performance Monitoring etc.) that form an interface between the Airline and the Airframe Manufacturer.