The Airports Working Group brings together IATA member airline experts on airport charges, airport development and operations from all regions. The group meets regularly with the aim of promoting global policies and initiatives to reduce airlines’ cost exposure at airports, while aligning critical investment needs.

The main activities of the Airports Working Group are to:

  • Proactively reduce airport charges and other related costs
  • Ensure that airport charges are reasonable, cost-related, transparent and non-discriminatory, in accordance with ICAO policies
  • Ensure that airport infrastructure development is timely, functional, cost effective and provides sufficient capacity to meet future growth aligned with airline needs
  • Implement operational improvements at airports, such as Airport–Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and more effective management of existing airport capacity

The Group assists IATA in developing policies on all of the above areas, as well as prioritizing and contributing to IATA campaigns.

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