The Aircraft Recovery Forum replaces the Aircraft Recovery Task Force (ARTF). This forum offers an opportunity for airlines and industry stakeholders to network and share information. IATA uses forums to collect industry input and will bring any relevant topics forward to the appropriate IATA Working Group.

Forum Composition and Meetings

The Forum is held once a year and is open to IATA member airlines, Strategic Partners, Non-IATA airlines and Industry Stakeholders (OEMs). The Forum agenda is developed by IATA based on input by the Stakeholders.

Areas of Interest

  • Aircraft recovery planning and training
  • Practical and safe aircraft recovery procedures to minimize secondary damage to the aircraft structure and to minimize exposure to health and safety risks
  • Impact of new technology, aircraft or recovery tooling, on aircraft recovery procedures
  • Handling of hazardous materials used in aircraft design
  • Environmental issues, minimizing contamination and removing contamination
  • Awareness of economic and operational impact of aircraft recovery

Aircraft Recovery Portal (IARP)

The IATA Aircraft Recovery Portal (IARP) provides an online, secure website allowing approved users to enter, view and update information related to available aircraft recovery equipment at an airport as an effective and efficient communication tool.

The online website is available to all Air Operators, Airport Authorities, Service Providers and
Public Services Organization (Fire Brigade) who own aircraft recovery equipment and provide
relevant data. International Organizations may also be provided with read only access. Users have
24/7 global access.

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