​The BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group (BDISG) is established by the Passenger Services Conference (PSC) to develop and maintain technical solutions within the BSP Data Interchange Specifications Handbook (DISH) for the exchange of passenger ticketing and related data between travel agents and airlines for remittance and settlement purposes.

One of the main objectives of the BDISG is the minimization of local requirements, cost reduction, and decreasing inconsistencies.

About DISH

DISH is the global data interchange standard implemented by all Billing Settlement Plans (BSPs) to ensure consistency and the exchange of the highest possible quality data between BSPs and GDSs, airlines and other business partners.

The DISH defines the reporting standards to enable GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) to report documents sales made by BSP travel agents to the IATA Data Processing Centers, to enable the sales data to be provided to airlines and credit card acquirers, and aids Remittance and Settlement. Further information on DISH and file downloads of publications are accessible via the BSP DISH.

New business requirements and amendments to the DISH are to be submitted to the attention of the BDISG Secretariat (standards@iata.org) using the DISH Amendment Form (doc) and Agenda Template for non technical matters (doc). Proposals will be submitted to the next meeting of the BDISG.

Proposed amendments to DISH discussed and agreed at BDISG are endorsed by the PSC for adoption as an IATA standard. Implementation plans are coordinated by IATA and are driven by the testing procedures and scenarios outlined in DISH section 4.3.

What's new

DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2020/1 

The BDISG (BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group), PASB (Pay-Account Standards Board) and PSC (Passenger Services Conference) have endorsed various amendments to DISH Revision 23 Standards reflected in this new DISH Update Bulletin Publication 2020/1, declared effective 1 August 2020.

The summary of amendments in DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2010/1 are highlighted below. For more details please view DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2020/1 (pdf)

DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2020/1 Amendments:

  • Various RET Validation revisions suggested by the RET Validation Taskforce,
  • Systematic inclusion of the POS Card Data Terminal Input Capability Indicator whose presence is mandated by MasterCard  and monitored by a data integrity programme backed by penalty for non compliance,
  • Addition of 3 new data elements for MasterCard, required in clearing for transactions which were performed with 3DS EMV, 2 of them being monitored by a data integrity programme
  • Amending TDSD (3D Secure Card Authentication Information) element description to clarify it includes ‘3DS and Additional Card Payment Information’,
  • Revision of “Testing for a New BSP Procedure”,
  • Clarification of Possible Values for CABI (Sold Passenger Cabin),
  • Correction of a 3DS data element for VISA,
  • Inclusion of 3DS Reference tables for Diners and for JCB,
  • Inclusion of validation checks for EMSC (EMD Reason for Issuance Sub Code),
  • Clarification of TOCA (Tax on Commission Amount) sign on ADM/ACM,
  • Inclusion of a new optional record, EPP (Extended Payment Plan)

Correction Notice to DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2020/1

A Correction Notice has been issued with reference to DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2020/1.  Changes were made to Appendix G—Card Authentication Information, 2.1 “CA” MasterCard–3DS, and Additional Card Payment Information Reference Table (TDSD) as highlighted in the Correction Notice.

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DISH Revision 23 and Previous Bulletins

DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2019/1 

The PSC has endorsed various amendments to DISH Revision 23 Standards reflected in this new DISH Update Bulleting Publication 2019/1, declared effective 1 April 2019.

DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2019/1 (pdf) has been developed to reflect a worldwide data interchange standard to be implemented by all Billing and Settlement Plans (BSPs), ensuring the highest possible quality data is exchanged between BSPs, airlines and strategic partners. The amendments in DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2019/1 are highlighted in the summary of changes in the publication. View the DISH Revision 23 Update Bulletin 2019/1 (pdf).

DISH 23 Major Amendments

In order to produce Revision 23, major amendments include:

  • Addition of 3DS and EMV data elements and records for card transactions
  • Transparency in Payments (TIP) requirements for alternative payment methods aligned with PSC Resolution 728 on form of payment codes
  • New data elements and RET/HOT records to support Complex Taxes Fees and Charges – Additional Coupon Tax Data
  • New data elements and RET/HOT records to support GST related information
  • CSI file format defined as a Mandatory layout for card transactions
  • Complete revision of Testing/Certification Procedures and RET/HOT Data Quality Assurance in DISH Chapter 4
  • Exempted taxes reflected within the TMFA & TMFT data elements
  • New Diners/Discover and JCB specifications to the FPTI data element
  • Addition of other new data element indicators related to Change of Gauge, Commission Control Adjustment, Arrival Date, Arrival Time, Departure Terminal and Arrival Terminal
  • Mandatory/Conditional Status modifications to records and fields in alignment to PSC & Ticketing Resolutions
  • Modification of CSI and CSP data elements status anomalies

DISH 23 replaces all previous Revisions and is presented as a mandatory Revision. Testing procedures and scenarios in Chapter 4 are to be followed.

Composition and Meetings

Meetings of the BDISG are open to all IATA member airlines (particularly involved in revenue accounting) and to BSP partners within the IATA Strategic Partnership Program providing RETs (agent reporting data) to BSPs.

BDISG participants have the opportunity to model the standards based on business requirements. The BDISG also liaises with other industry committees directed under the Passenger Services and Passenger Agency Conferences to progress DISH developments.

There is no restriction on the number of participants and they meet once a year.

Publication and Resources

DISH publications are also located on the following public BSP DISH site.

Private Site

The BDISG site (links below) is where BDISG meeting details and DISH related information is updated and made available.

The Private portion of the website is reserved for Member Airlines and qualified Strategic Partnership Members registered within the Passenger and Airport Services area and involved in IATA Passenger Settlement Systems in providing agent reporting data (RET) to a Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

Companies and organizations interested in BSP Data Interchange Standards are invited to join our IATA Strategic Partnerships.

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