The Cargo Border Management Board (CBMB) is established to review and determine recommendations, standards and procedures necessary to ensure the air cargo supply chain operates successfully. Ensuring that it exploits available trade facilitation opportunities and operates in full compliance with global customs, security, and regulatory requirements, guiding and influencing policymakers wherever possible to ensure the most efficient and harmonized solutions are implemented.


Identify and prioritize industry issues related to air cargo security, customs and facilitation matters 
  • Establish airline positions regarding cargo security, customs and facilitation regulations and industry practices
  • Manage and facilitate cargo security, customs and trade facilitation initiatives with other industry partners (Associations and stakeholder groups)
  • Liaise with industry and regulatory bodies addressing air cargo security, customs and facilitation matters
  • Manage and prioritize standards and business process issues in relation to cargo security, customs and facilitation, establishing or enhancing Resolutions and Recommended practices where appropriate
  • Promote and establish solutions designed to increase the enhancement of air cargo efficiency and regulatory compliance through data submission and process automation
  • Maintain effective dialogue with industry solution providers, operational partners and international organizations (e.g. World Customs Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, World Trade Organization)
  • Monitor regulatory demands for advance data requirements promoting harmonization wherever appropriate
  • Establish strategic alliances with regulators to facilitate the achievement of common goals relating to cargo security, customs, and facilitation matters


The group has at least one scheduled face-to-face meeting in a year. Interim meetings are held mostly by teleconference.


The CBMB is open to IATA member airlines only.
The Board consists of not more than 12 members appointed by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC), each being an expert in border management (i.e. customs, security and/or trade facilitation) and each serving on the Board for a period of four years.