Cargo iQ, an IATA Interest Group, brings together some 60 members including airlines, freight forwarders, GHA's, trucking companies, and IT providers with the unique goal of implementing a new quality management system for the worldwide air cargo industry.

Their objective is to implement processes, backed by quality standards, that are measurable and supported by data, thereby improving the efficiency of air cargo, enhancing customer service levels, and reducing operational costs.

Based on detailed customer research and with the assistance of leading IT companies, the group re-engineers the transportation process from shipper to consignee.


Membership of the group is open to all airlines, freight forwarders, GHA's, trucking companies, IT providers, and any other participant in the air freight supply chain. The only requirement is to be committed to improving the quality of the air freight industry. The group holds its Annual General Meeting in March where members vote on strategic items, and further updates are done in a Membership Meeting in September each year. In addition, the Working Group meets on a regular basis to develop new standards and improve existing ones.

Working Group

Cargo iQ members jointly develop and implement agreed processes, backed by quality standards that are measured and reported upon. These standards are discussed and developed in Working Group meetings which take place twice per year. Throughout the year, operational and technical experts from the membership meet in smaller groups to discuss specific topics. Some of the topics discussed recently are standards for the Road Feeder Service providers, specifications for service parameters including time-defined products, and enhanced analytics through smart data, among others. These project groups then come together in the Working Group meetings to update the wider group on the progress made and agree on the way forward to make these projects a reality. The Working Group meetings generally take place around May and October each year.


If you are interested in joining the group, or just keen to find out more, please go to the Cargo iQ pages or contact us at: