‚ÄčThe Cargo Customs Working Group (CCWG) was established by the Cargo Border Management Board to represent the interests of airline members on Customs and cargo trade facilitation matters.


The primary objectives of CCWG are as follows:

  • Ensure that customs requirements will take full account of the interests and constraints of the airline industry
  • Guarantee that customs requirements are compatible with existing international Customs standards (i.e. WCO) and industry standards (i.e. IATA, ICAO)
  • Cooperate with Customs authorities on cargo trade facilitation matters
  • Focus on advanced electronic cargo reporting requirements for risk assessment purposes

CCWG actions

  • Review and endorse IATA Positions related to Customs
  • Report Customs requirements with challenging compliance issues
  • Assess and identify appropriate responses to Customs issues
  • Lobby, consult and dialogue with Customs administrations
  • Ensure that the identified requirements and compliance procedures are communicated to the industry
  • Ensure that Customs requirements are included in IATA standards & initiatives
  • Communicate regularly to the Cargo Border Management Board the progress made in influencing Customs on air cargo matters


The CCWG consists of a maximum of 12 members appointed by the Cargo Services Conference for a two-year term. There can be a maximum of 10 airline representatives and 2 representatives from other associations.

The membership is appointed by the IATA Cargo Border Management Board based upon nominations received from the Cargo Services Conference (CSC).


The group has at least one scheduled face-to-face meeting in a year. Interim meetings are held mostly by teleconference.