The IATA Cargo Digital Connectivity Working Group (CDCWG) is established as a subgroup of the Cargo Operations and Technology Board (COTB).

The primary mission of the CDCWG is to establish industry digital connectivity standards and procedures, promote digital collaboration, and support digital cargo initiatives between airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, IT companies, and other stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain.


Initially comprised of Cargo Community Systems (CCS) providers & messaging service providers, the CDCWG acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas & expertise for digital connectivity. Members are closely working with each other and with COTB sub-groups to:

  • Standardize & automate digital connectivity procedures among the industry stakeholders
  • Support the development and implementation of industry digital connectivity standards
  • Encourage the establishment and maintenance of a global network of inter-linked CCSs
  • Promote the expansion of industry digital exchange across all modes of transport and related industries
  • Recognize leading edge developments in new technologies and tools
  • Educate industry on air cargo digital connectivity practices

Upcoming deliverables

  • Develop the Cargo-XML standard message for cargo partner and registration which will automate and simplify the partner registration process between airlines, forwarders and CCS.
  • Draft a Recommended Practice for Cargo Partner Registration and Distribution, which will outline the standard rules and procedures of the digital connectivity business process for air cargo.
  • Implement EPIC, a centralized database and lookup service, which will automate and manage the distribution of partner identification, such as PIMA ID, Teletype ID, etc. This service will also generate unique global IDs for the various stakeholders involved in the air cargo digital connectivity.


Members of the CDCWG are appointed based upon nominations received mainly from Cargo Community System (CCS) providers who are strategic partners in the applicable area of interest.

CDCWG Members (pdf)



S Tahir Hasnain

Manager, Cargo Technology, IATA