The main mission of the Commercial Fuel Working Group (CFG) is to develop global positions and prioritization of campaigns to secure a reliable supply of fuel at competitive and transparent prices. Reporting to the Industry Financial Advisory Council, the CFG provides oversight and direction to further the interests of IATA member airlines in all commercial aspects of aviation fuel. The CFG also assists IATA with the content and presentation of the bi-annual IATA Aviation Fuel Forum.


  • Ensuring reliable fuel supply at international airports
  • Eliminating or moderating unacceptable duties, fees and taxes
  • Promoting open access to fuel infrastructure and competitive jet fuel markets at airports, as well as market-based pricing for fuel and related services

Composition and Meetings

The CFG is open to IATA member airlines only. It comprises a Chair and nine members from IATA member airlines, representing specific geographic regions to provide global coverage. Panel members are proposed by the IATA member airlines and appointed by the IATA Director General & CEO, following a review by the Industry Financial Advisory Council.

The CFG’s work on the IATA Aviation Fuel Forum is supported by the Fuel Suppliers Advisory Panel, comprising ten representatives from companies participating in the IATA Strategic Partnership Program.
The number of participants is limited to 12 and they meet 2 to 3 times per year, two of the meetings coinciding with the IATA Aviation Fuel Forum.

About the IATA Aviation Fuel Forum

The IATA Aviation Fuel Forum aims to improve working knowledge and provide networking opportunities for aviation fuel professionals. Participation at the Forum is open and free of charge to IATA member airlines, IATA Strategic Partners registered in the fuel area and to IATA special guests. For more information, please visit Aviation Fuel Forum.