‚ÄčThe mandate of the CIWG can be summarized in 4 main objectives:

  • To identify lessons learned from existing consumer rights legislation, particularly with respect to the United States and the European Union, in order to advise regulators elsewhere on the costs and benefits of such regulations
  • To pre-empt the threat of proliferating disjointed and costly consumer rights regimes by developing key principles that should be considered by governments when drafting consumer rights legislation
  • To improve current legislation and ensure that interpretation of such legislation is reasonable by developing key principles on enforcement of existing consumer rights regulations
  • To drive prioritized campaigns that promote the above principles and lessons learned, such that these efforts are seen as positive and proactive actions by airlines to look after their passengers

Composition and Meetings

The CIWG is open to IATA member airlines only. The number of participants is limited to 10 and the group holds conference calls on average every 6 weeks. Additional Industry Affairs Advisory Group members, observers or external experts may be invited by the CIWG Chairperson to participate in meetings on the basis of their particular expertise, interest or experience.

Need more information?

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