What it does

The Cargo Committee has established the CPG to provide policy direction to IATA on CASS matters.

The CPG is also responsible for providing advice to IATA Management on all matters relating to the functional management and operation of CASS.

How it works

  • Members of the CPG represent the industry view and not of that of their airline
  • The agenda of each CPG consists of any submitted item relative to CASS and is circulated by the Secretariat not later than 30 days before the start of the meeting. The Secretariat produces and circulates reports of each meeting to CPG members, CAConf Accredited Representatives and local CASS Managers
  • The local CASS Managers make these reports available to local CAG members.
  • In the event of any disagreement or dispute between the CPG and IATA, such dispute shall be referred to the Cargo Committee
  • The CPG meets not less than twice per year at the request of IATA Management following consultation with the Chairman. A quorum consists of six-elected member delegates or alternates
  • The CPG acts in the form of making decisions and recommendations on a consensus basis. Abstentions are considered as positive. A two-thirds majority is considered a consensus

Who is on it

  • The CPG consists of 11 member airlines. The Cargo Committee elects the airline member delegates and alternates, including the Chairman. The Vice-Chairman is elected by the CPG. Where possible, representation on the CPG are given a balanced geographic and airline mix
  • The current CPG Chairman is Mr. Stefan Amann (Lufthansa Cargo)
  • In addition to its permanent membership, the CPG may invite other participants to address specific issues. IATA Management permits observers, subject to prior agreement

Terms of Reference

  • Provides a CASS consultative forum between IDFS Management and Member airlines
  • Formulates a Global CASS representation policy
  • Develops the CASS cost sharing formula and CASS pricing policy
  • Develops a CASS country development plan
  • Approves the commencement of all new CASS Feasibility Studies and appoints local CASS Feasibility Study Groups to work with IATA Management in the preparation of Feasibility Study Reports
  • Reviews reports received from the Local Customer Advisory Groups (LCAG)
  • Monitors local CASS Member costs
  • Reviews the CASS budgets on a consultative basis