The CSC is a permanent and autonomous body consisting of representatives from IATA member airlines. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards for cargo industry procedures.


Through a regular review of the limitation of liability of the Montreal Convention of 1999 (MC99) for both passenger and cargo air transportation, ICAO has revised the limit of liability in the Montreal Convention 1999 (MC99) Article 22 from 19 SDR to 22 SDR. This new limit becomes effective on 28 December 2019.

IATA Secretariat has now made the corresponding editorial change to Resolution 600b, 600i (and as 600i is contained within Resolution 672, 672 as well) with the effective date 28 December 2019. Carriers are cautioned to take all necessary and appropriate advisory action, particularly if using air waybill stock reflecting the prior liability limit, to notify their shippers, cargo agents/forwarders, insurers, and claims departments of the increased liability limit from 19 SDR per kilo to 22 SDR per kilo for carriage of cargo governed by MC99 taking place on or after 28 December 2019.


The primary objectives of the CSC include:

  • Adopting and maintaining Resolutions and Recommended Practices that establish the technical standards and procedures necessary to facilitate the proper handling and facilitation of multilateral cargo interlining
  • Developing common industry positions on broad cargo services issues including cargo handling, documentation, procedures, rules and regulations, ULD control, ULD technical specifications, dangerous goods regulations, live animals and perishables regulations, and automation standards
  • Exchange industry information


The CSC meets once a year usually during March, in conjunction with the IATA World Cargo Symposium.


The CSC has two types of members: voting members and non-voting members.

Each active member of IATA that operates a schedule commercial international air transport service for the carriage of cargo is a voting member of the CSC. An associate member of IATA may elect to be a non-voting member of CSC.

The current CSC Chairman is Mr. Todd Frazier (FedEx).


The Resolutions and Recommended practices issued by the CSC are published in the CSC Resolutions Manual (CSCRM).




Brendan Sullivan
Director, Cargo, IATA