The objective of the Cargo Security Working Group (CSWG) is to provide aviation security regulators with access to, and input from, a globally balanced group of cargo industry experts to ensure that the experiences and constraints of the airline industry are considered in the development of effective security regulations.


The CSWG will review all matters pertaining to security requirements impacting the flow of air cargo and mail. It will identify aviation security requirements as early as possible and advocate the interest of airline members through:

  • Industry position
  • Standard resolutions and recommended practices
  • Amendment of regulations
  • Mitigation of enforcement actions

Terms of Reference


The CSWG comprises of airline cargo and mail security experts from around the world. There are 15 members and a number of observers appointed for a one-year term. The membership is appointed by the IATA Cargo Border Management Board based upon nominations received from the Cargo Services Conference (CSC).


Meetings of the CSWG are conducted by regular teleconferences or, when required, face-to-face meetings.