Evolving standards that impact Departure Control Systems (DCS) messaging require that DCS experts meet with the following terms of reference, which set out the objectives and scope of the DCS Message Working Group (DCSMWG).


  • Review, amend, and synchronize DCS messages in Recommended Practices 1707-1719e with the work in other, associated IATA passenger and baggage working groups, such as the Reservations Committee and the Joint A4A (Airlines for America)/IATA Passenger Ticketing Committee
  • Monitor and support industry security related activities to include APIS (Advance Passenger Information Systems) requirements from relevant government and IATA groups
  • Continue to refine and update the documentation of DCS messages in Recommended Practices 1707-1719e to fully utilize the DCS Message Dictionary and Message Directory documented in Recommended Practices 1707, 1707a and 1707b
  • Continue to review the editorial process of the DCS messages and continually edit them for precision
  • Seek expanded airline participation in the DCSMWG by experts in all applicable channels
  • Report their progress to the Airport Services Committee (ASC) once a year and seek approval of their work for subsequent submission to each year’s Passenger Service Conference

Composition and Meetings

The DCSWG is open to IATA member airlines and Strategic Partners. There is no restriction to the number of participants. The group meets once a year.