The Dangerous Goods Training Working Group (DGTWG) reviews, amends and updates all matters pertaining to dangerous goods training, and focuses on training standards harmonization across the industry.


The primary objectives of the DGTWG include:

  • Developing dangerous goods training standards to support member airlines in maintaining the highest safety standards
  • Developing and reviewing the IATA Dangerous Goods Training Program to ensure that the program is current and fully aligned to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)
  • Maintaining the content of the IATA Guidelines for Instructors of Dangerous Goods Courses and other training aids to assist instructors in the development and implementation of professional training standards
  • Reviewing and updating qualification standards for instructors conducting dangerous goods training
  • Exploring, evaluating, and promoting the use of new training technologies


Meetings are normally held twice in a year, usually in May and October.


The DGTWG consists of up to 20 members nominated by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC) and other groups representing the members such as IATA Gound Handling Council (IGHC), Airport Services Association (ASA) and other Industry Trade Associations and appointed by the Dangerous Goods Board (DGB) each being an expert in the dangerous goods training field. Also, representatives from IATA member airlines, ground handling agents, FIATA, IFALPA, and IATA strategic partners attend and participate in the meetings as observers.