The Aviation Fuel Data Standards Group develops and maintains industry fuel data standards for the efficient and effective data exchange across the aviation fuel industry. Adoption of these Industry data standards deliver substantial benefits to both suppliers and customers of aviation fuel.​​

The Group comprises Airline, Fuel Supplier, Into-Plane Service Provider and IT system vendor representatives responsible for commercial aspects as well as those in charge of maintaining the Fuel Data Standards within their organizations.
To join the Group, participate in upcoming events or to seek additional information regarding the Group, please contact:​.

Lifecycle of Data Standards​​

There are four separate XML Fuel Data standards that reflect the lifecycle of Fueling aircraft:

  • ​Tender / Bid
  • Operational
  • Transaction
  • Invoice​​​
We make all these standards and their implementation guides available to download free, and in their most updated form.
Please visit our Fuel Data Standards​ page to download these standards.