The IATA Cargo Handling Consultative Council (ICHC) connects airlines and ground handling agents. The ICHC reports to the Cargo Services Conference (CSC) and to the Cargo Operations & Technology Board (COTB). The ICHC collaborates and provides updates to the Ground Operations Group (GOG)


ICHC's objective is to develop best-practices to address all aspects of cargo acceptance and handling: 

  • Include operations in cargo industry's initiatives, such as the e-Cargo program 
  • Integrate cargo operations in related IATA standards, like the Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) and the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Improve IATA manuals linked to cargo operations, such as the Airport Handling Manual (AHM)
  • Overlook the IATA training courses covering the acceptance, handling and uplifting of air cargo and mail
  • Review the standards on cargo electronic messaging regarding cargo handling activities, such as Cargo-XML

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are conducted by regular teleconferences. Face-to-face meetings are held when required.


The ICHC consists of 16 members (8 airline members and 8 ground handling members), each being an expert in cargo operations, Cargo EDI messaging standards and mail operations.


Andre Majeres
Manager, Cargo, Mail & e-Commerce Operations and Standards, IATA