The IGOM Technical Group focuses on the global harmonization and standardization of ground handling processes and continually reviews and develops pro​cedures and instructions for frontline personnel as published in the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM).It also interacts with other industry working groups to ensure that IGOM is aligned, relevant and updated in all aspects. The IGOM reports to the Ground Operations Group (GOG). Through participation in the IGOM there is the opportunity to influence the ground operations industry.

Main areas of activity

  • Passenger handling
  • Baggage handling
  • Airside Safety and Oversight
  • Aircraft Handling Procedures
  • Load Handling
  • De-icing

Composition and meetings

Participation as a voting member of the IGOM is open to IATA member airlines and GHP members only. The number of participants is limited to 20 based on the biennial nomination process. The Technical Group meets twice a year.

Need for more information?

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