The Medical Advisory Group is a special committee established by the IATA Director General, who appoints up to ten members specializing in aviation medicine or occupational health.


  1. Advise IATA and the airline community on health issues related to air travel.
  2. Provide expert representation on behalf of the industry on aviation medical matters.
  3. Liaise as appropriate with other related organisations such as the World Health Organisation, ICAO and regional airline trade associations on medical and cabin health matters.
  4. Review and update IATA Resolutions and Recommended Practices relating to on-board medical care and health-related issues.
  5. Review and provide guidance to the Cabin Operation Safety Task Force on sections of the IATA Inflight Manual relating to cabin health matters.
  6. Develop new industry guidelines on aviation medical or health-related issues, where appropriate or necessary.
  7. Review and update the IATA Medical Manual

The Group also reviews and updates guidelines and recommended practices relating to on-board medical care and health-related issues, as well as the IATA Medical Manual.