Standards that enable interoperability between and among airlines and other participants in the aviation supply chain make our globally inter-connected aviation system possible.

As new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are explored, standardizing the exchange of information among all aviation players is essential to ensure this interoperability.

APIs (application programming interfaces) allow organizations to expose and share data between different parties.

IATA Open Air (formerly known as IATA Open API) aims to facilitate the development of industry standards and best practices on data exchange, leveraging API technology in the airline industry. Industry directions for Open APIs (pdf) 

​Toward an Aviation API Standard

IATA Open Air provides the capability to consistently share data by enabling developers to use open API technology to build standardized APIs (pdf) and expose the data in a consistent manner. This will:

  • Foster innovation by allowing new organizations to work with your data.
  • Minimize costs and time to market for implementing inter-operations with business partners.
  • Provide better visibility of who is providing and who is consuming data.
  • Reduce IT and maintenance support costs by leveraging consistent data models.


The objective is to facilitate the creation of an industry API standard based on open technology, open industry-owned data definitions and process flows.


Make sure to read the IATA Open Air FAQs (pdf) and do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any other question regarding Open Air standard development process.


Bring your expertise and help us develop the Open Air standard by participating in the Open Air Group under the Architecture and Technology Strategy Board (ATSB).

If you are not the part of the IATA SSW environment, please register using this Guide (pdf), which describes the registration process step-by-step. Please note that membership is open to IATA Members and Strategic Partners.


IATA’s Open Air initiative is developed by the Open Air Group under the governance of the Architecture and Technology Strategy Board (ATSB).

The ATSB is responsible for interoperability and quality of Data Exchange Standards published under the authority of the Passenger Standards Conference.


Certify your API

IATA’s certification process validates the compliance of APIs against industry Best Practices described in the Open Air Certification Checklist. Certified APIs will be displayed on the IATA Open Air Certification Registry.

Apply for certification now!

  1. Check the requirements (pdf) to ensure your API is compliant with IATA Open Air.
  2. Apply (pdf) to be listed in the IATA Open Air Registry. Applications should be submitted to


The Open Air certification process provides two levels of compliance:

LEVEL 0 Certification

  • Is your API documented using Open API Specification 3.0?

LEVEL 1 Certification

  • Are all requirements from the Checklist fulfilled?


Open Air Registry

If you have an API of at least compliance LEVEL 0, you can apply to have your API listed on the IATA Open Air registry. Access the Open Air Certification Registry now to see list of IATA-certified APIs.