‚ÄčThe Payment Methods Working Group acts as advisor to the Industry Financial Advisory Council, other relevant IATA bodies, and IATA Management on all matters that relate to Payment Method issues.

Areas of Activity

  • Advising on approach, direction, and prioritisation of IATA activities related to:
    • Acceptance, operations, and settlement of airline sales conducted with payment cards
    • Regulatory development with regards to payment methods
    • Relationships with card schemes
    • Payment fraud
    • New payment methods and new technologies in the payment area
    • Special industry standards in the payment area
    • PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) issues for payments methods
  • Assisting IATA in the development of appropriate policies and action plans in the above matters.
  • Assisting IATA in the execution of key industry campaigns related to the above matters.
  • Advising IATA on developments in the above matters to help identify emerging issues.
  • Providing technical advice to IATA on the above matters.

Composition and Meetings

The Payment Methods Working Group is open to IATA member airlines only. Participants should be qualified representatives at VP or Director level within their airlines, with expertise in payment methods areas. The number of participants is limited to 15. The group meets twice a year and has monthly conference calls.